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Introduction to Barefoot Friends

To be fair, Barefoot Friends started not too long ago, so the concept behind the show is a bit rough around the edges (the show itself doesn’t even know what it’s doing). A lot of the time, when I watch the show, I think it has the potential to be a travel show, which is really could be. The food and the people and the sights just make me itch with excitement (not fleas, don’t worry!)

Barefoot Friends

Barefoot Friends

In order to get everyone as psyched as I am about the Variety Show (Hello? Kim Hyun Joong? Yes please, oppa.) I’ve decided to write a little blurb describing the premise and give a little characterization about the hosts and how their interactions work together. Huzzah!

So, Barefoot Friends is a reality, variety show that airs on SBS, along with the extremely popular and hilarious Running Man. It’s a more travel-esque, outdoorsy variety show, where the cast members travel to foreign countries (wah, so much money!) to experience what true happiness is in the locale. That basically means that they are supposed to fend for themselves (the staff and the TV providers really don’t give them that much financial support) while trying to experience how life is truly like in a different country. NOTE: Starting with episode 8 of Barefoot Friends, the travels of the cast are limited to within Korea.

According to the Wikipedia page, Barefooted really means “essence, sincerity, real hardships”, and Friends represents not only the cast, but the local people that they come across and meet, as well.

NOW, for the loveable cast!

Barefoot Friends Hwaiting

Barefoot Friends Hwaiting

Kang Ho Dong – MC and Comedian, Kang Ho Dong has been on many variety shows, including Strong Heart, 1N2D, X-Man, Star King, Knee Drop Guru and Moonlight Prince. He’s very enthusiastic (if that’s one way to put it).

Yoon Jong Shin – Singer and songwriter, Yoon Jong Shin seems to be the oldest of the cast. He’s also one of the hosts of the variety show, Hwasin.

Yoo Se Yoon – Yoo Se Yoon is a comedian and an MC (like Kang Ho Dong!) He’s part of the group, UV. He’s currently being replaced by Eun Ji Won for the time being because of his DUI case.

Eun Ji Won – Current replacement for Yoo Se Yoon, he’s a rapper, dancer, and former leader of the hip-hop group, Sechs Kies.

Kim Bum Soo – He’s also a singer (R&B and ballads), considered to be the “King of the Soundtrack”. This is also his first time participating in a variety show as a regular cast member.

Kim Hyun Joong – This man almost needs no introduction, but I’ll write it anyway. Hello,  oppa! This delectable man is one of the famous SS501, and he’s also starred in Playful KIss and Boys Over Flowers. This is also his first time being a regular on a variety show.

Yoon Si Yoon – Also a newcomer to the variety  show regulars bench, he’s an actor during the day (ha!) and has been in dramas like High Kick Through the Roof, Baker King Tak Goo, Me Too, Flower! and Flower Boy Next Door.

Eun Hyuk – He’s a Super Junior boy, which means he’s very famous. Hello Eun Hyuk!

Uee – The only girl in this whole variety show, Uee is also new to being a regular on a variety show casting. She’s a member of the group, After School, and has acted in dramas like You’re Beautiful, Queen Seon Deok, Ojakgyo Brothers, Jeon Woo Chi, and Birdie Buddy.

Barefoot Friends in the Desert

Barefoot Friends in the Desert

My Verdict?

The cast members are really awesome and have a cool dynamic. Of course, I watch solely for Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bum Soo, but really, Yoon Si Yoon’s cute and enthusiastic persona along with Kim Hyun Joong’s lost air and Kang Ho Dong’s hearty persona definitely all play into each other’s strengths. It was much more fun when they went abroad because it had potential to be a travel show, but perhaps the show can be popular with just the cast’s personalities? The show has potential to be addicting, so watch it on DramaFever for free, and maybe it’ll become your new favorite find!

Barefoot Friends Meeting Each Other

Barefoot Friends Meeting Each Other



[0404 Project] Third Event :Hyuk Happy Day :D

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Pada tanggal 27 Januari, Donghae Super Junior berbagi foto di akun instagramnya dengan deskripsi, “ D & E, Konser Jepang Donghae dan Eunhyuk akan segera datang!” Dalam gambar tersebut, Donghae dan Eunhyuk saling berhadapan, memberikan tatapan intens dengan ekspresi serius di wajah mereka. Dua anggota Super Junior ini terlihat gagah dalam tuxedo hitam dan putih, mereka juga menampilkan pesona dari ketampanan mereka.


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[EngSubbed] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Final Episode – 2013.11.17

So it is goodbye to our Barefoot Friends. They will be surely missed especially our favorite friend …. KIM HYUN JOONG. Countdown begins for his Upcoming Drama.STREAMING SITESRAW FILESCredit: semi-fly ‏ @ semi_flyBarefoot Friends 031 (HANrel); http:// goo.gl/IjzWEmBarefoot Friends 031 (Tityus / 450p); http:// goo.gl/a1VrXtBarefoot Friends 031 (HANrel / 720p); http:// goo.gl/VTCESpSRT FILESBarefoot Friends (맨발의 친구들) (Korean Variety Show)Release info:


Barefoot Friends ♥ 31 ♥ Grand Finale

Barefoot Friends goes out with a bang with the “Choendam Witch”, Kim Jung-Nan as the celebrity cook, and SHINee as the recipients of her talent. She loves kpop and SHINee is her favorite.JungNan is a person of lineage and she cooks for 12 ancestral rituals per year but strangely, she does Italian Korean fusion food.JungNan has made the master bedroom into a studio and uses a small bedroom to sleep